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become a great leader and coach using nlp

Culture Change and Employee Engagement

How to be a Better You!

Since the mid 1980s organisations have been experimenting with TQM, Six Sigma, Lean thinking, Quality Circles and Systems Thinking to become better and achieve better results.

It came to us in a mind-blowingly-simple-why didn’t we think of that before-revelation that;

Lots of people being better versions of themselves, will make a better organisation.

And change the culture too! And it will happen without a fan fare or consultants or mystical processes only understood by ‘Black belt’ trained statistical wizards. Oh and as a double whammy, employee engagement will improve significantly too.

Quite simply culture is a collection of beliefs, habits and attitudes of the people within the organisation. So if we can help people become better versions of them selves we can change the culture. It is essentially about people:

1. Taking personal responsibility.
2. Letting go of existing habits.
3. Playing to their strengths 
4. Deciding which version of ‘me’ I’m going to be right now
5. Being out of their comfort zone

We run tailored workshops to suit your needs for teams, whole divisions, departments and all employees. Of course it won’t happen if your managers can’t delegate, empower and trust their workers. So we may need to start there first.



















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