Inside Out Thinking

One Day Work shop with optional audios

How would you like to rediscover your innate mental health and in-built resilience?

Would you like to have more clarity and clearer thinking?

How would it feel if you had less stress, an inner calmness and a feeling of 'whatever happens, I'll be ok?' In other words, whatever change or uncertainty there is I'll deal with it.

This workshop combines 3 Principles, Mind, Consciousness and Thought with the latest research on Neuro Science and Emotions. It will enable you to take more personal responsibility and be a better person.


Key Themes:

Inside Out Thinking - How our feelings are generated from our thoughts not from external events or other people.

The Teddy Bear Effect – Where do our good feelings come from?

Petty Rage – What makes you angry?

Body and Mind Self-Regulation – Our bodies are able to self-heal when we have a cut or other physical condition. So, can the mind!

We all have an innate resilience, and in this workshop we will show you how to tap into it so that you will calmly deal with uncertainty.

The Predictive Brain – Our brain operates by predicting what is happening outside of us based on the data and concepts we have stored then makes best guesses about what is happening. (our mental model or script).

Our Negative Emotions are built, we are not born with them!

Comfort Zones and Neurological Development.

Our experience is that people who apply these concepts have better relationships and achieve their goals. We can run this in your organisation for leaders and teams. It is also very useful information for Coaches to teach their coaching clients.


















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