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Delegate Feedback

Rather than include feedback from on the day when people are naturally very positive we asked delegates what they had achieved 3-12 months after the workshops.
Feed back received 3-12 months after workshops finished


"I wanted to send this email to let you all know how I have been going on and to say a massive THANK YOU to Steve as the course has changed my life too.
A special big THANK YOU for Lorna as well, because without you I would not have gone on the course, it came down to two courses and you were without doubt, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, had excellent rapport building and confidence building skills that I just couldn't contemplate the other organisation! Thank you also for the massive help that you have give me, always with a smile (I can hear it)."

Pat Goldfeather


"I am far more confident in meetings as well and not afraid at all to speak up and suggest new ideas for change.

I got so much from the course and all of you and it really has changed my life, I can’t big it up enough to everyone I meet.  People have seen such a change in me and it’s all for the good."

Jeannette Hughes


"Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your positive feedback to my first assignment for the level 5 award.

Kind Regards,"

P.S. thank you for delivering the programme in such an inspirational way!


"The ILM course has been really helpful and Wendy was fantastic."

Kind regards
Samantha Barran


"Quite a day, but handled with confidence and self belief having my cleared a load of crap out on the course! …I am making career decisions based on where I want to get to, not on who I want to impress or prove wrong. 

I think Steve knows already how much I got out of the course (hopefully the big man hug said it all) but I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone else as well, it wouldn't have been what it was without you all. I can't begin to explain how big an impact it feels that the week spent with you all has had as the positive impacts seem to keep on coming."

James Carpenter


"…On Tuesday I approached the Manager of Flying Training and told him about NLP and how I wanted to help pilots.  He got back to me a few days later and asked if I could coach a pilot who had failed two simulator exams.  I was his last chance or he would be fired.  They'd paid 100,000 GBP for his training and didn't want to waste anymore money. 
I lined up a break through day with him yesterday and asked him to come with an open mind.  We did submodality change for limiting belief, fast phobia model, resource anchors (one for calm and another for energised and confident), time line therapy and certainty.  The outcome was better than I hoped for.  His old belief doesn't exist and he's confident and has a go getting attitude.  
Today he had his simulator exam and passed!  I bumped into him and gave him a big squeeze.

So happy for him.  I feel fab too! "

Rachel Sheiff


"Hi Lorna!

Wow, where to start?!
This e-mail is very timely, because I have completed my second coaching session with my first ever coachee a couple of days ago! And… I am buzzing! I can’t believe the transformation from our first session and how positive she is. It was lovely!

We have had our first group meeting (Stoke-on-Trent City Council) to discuss the training, make sure we are on the same page and all ready to go
We record feedback from sessions, and the feedback I received was extremely positive and therefore measurable in the fact this is working and progress is being made with individuals

Steve was fantastic… such a gentleman and just a really easy person to be around and get on with
The training was nice and informal and really personal and that made a real difference (especially in this work area)

There were a lot of materials that we could take away (folder full of info/techniques/scripts) which we can refer back to any time. We also have the CD’s and book along with the TLT booklet as well… Going away I felt really prepared for whatever came my way and over time I’m sure I will refer to it less and less… but it’s there if I need a quick re-fresh

The training has not only enabled me to help others, but it has also helped me to help myself.
I have realised a lot of things about myself that I have begun to address, and in myself do feel better and I’m taking steps in the right direction…"

Craig Sands


"1. What have you achieved since attending the training?
Since attending my NLP training I have been a more consistent and emotionally stable person at both work and home.  This has allowed me to maintain a positive outlook around the unprecedented change agenda currently taking place within my area of work (local government).  Whereas before I would have been all ‘doom and gloom’ NLP training has allowed me to have clear thoughts about how I can have a positive impact on myself and those around me.

Have there been any measurable benefits?

By using simple rapport building techniques I was able to increase staff satisfaction at work from 30% to 85% which helped to create a productive and supportive atmosphere at work and improved staff relationships.

This made selling significant change to the team easier when the time came. I have also been able to use NLP techniques to support staff through various real coaching situations and help people to get out of ‘stuck’ situations, an example being returning to work from long term sickness absence or getting motivated to complete professional exams and coursework.

2. What did you particularly like about our approach and delivery?
I found the training to be very well delivered and so thought provoking that it literally changed my life.  I don’t use those words lightly.  The whole experience of NLP training is uplifting and the bond you build with the other course delegates is very strong.  I can’t think of a single negative point.

3. Would you recommend the training to others?  If so, who?

I would recommend this training to others without hesitation and would suggest that anyone who wants to be an improved performer in any walk of life would benefit from attending."

Ben Adams

"Morning Lorna,

Many thanks for your email, on reflection I was in too much of a rush to submit my test, should have planned it a little better!
I’m really looking forward to the course, already feels like it’s making a difference,"

Best wishes

Sandra Whiles Chief Executive of Blaby District Council said after their middle manager programmes;
“We are seeing increased confidence, team working on corporate change projects + more service mgrs accepting responsibility + actively managing staffing issues. Brilliant”
Louise Walker, delegate and Sales Manager at Marley Eternit:

“I cannot state strongly enough how impressed I have been with the leadership course and particularly the trainers from Quality Culture, I feel privileged to have experienced those 6 days with such a high calibre of professional trainers, and the learnings I have gained to the benefit of the business and my career I feel are huge!

Peter Wilson Ellis Service Manager Ricoh UK
The course itself has had a profound effect on me and people who I interact with, I found yourself (Steve Kay) and Andy Cope to be inspirational and my home-life has altered for the better as a direct result of attending this course, I have taken as much as I could away with me and my own 'reality' has been altered quite considerably. It was all too easy to come home and continue working until 10 minutes before my children go to bed giving them as much attention as possible, or so I thought. I now stop working as soon as I get home, I play with my children for a while, we eat together, they go to bed and I can then start work again if required with a fresh mind and a happy home life.

I have been trying to use NLP and although I'm nowhere near an expert, my children are becoming 2% ers without even realising it. 

The reason for the delay in the Email is because I cannot put a figure on how much value Ricoh UK is getting from me since this course. I am more positive, happier with my work and home life and my children and people around me are benefiting as a result. I am sure my customers and colleagues are witness to this and I am convinced that Ricoh UK is benefiting immensely but I fear the direct profits, although substantial, are impossible to quantify.
Many thanks

Peter Wilson Ellis
Service Manager Ricoh UK

Tony Steeples Ricoh UK

Firstly one of the biggest “selling” points of the course is having two individuals who you can actually believe buy into and genuinely have a passion for what they teach and present and actually encourage the group to fully participate, for this reason I chose to involve myself in the course.



























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